Deluxe Room

Breathe the sense of being in a different space and time with hillside and poolside view

The deluxe room of Hotel Emerald Grand will give you a deluxe feel in reality too. In its newly built clean rooms, you will get a king-size bed as well as a full Mussoorie view and poolside view. The exotic combination of the luxury poolside with the freshness and romantic vibes of Mussoorie has made it the most popular hotel in Dehradun. Here, you will have another option of twin beds rooms having city and poolside views.

To enjoy a bit more you will also get an attached balcony with a chair cum table. Getting sips of your favorite drink or a bowl full of soup in the cool breeze of the surrounding staring at the mountains is no less than heaven. If you are looking for the most famous and popular hotel in Dehradun Emerald Grand is your search end.

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